CSR Activities

DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WELFARE Mission of Gati Infrastructure Limited is realized through the programme and process of Mobilisation and Action for Community Empowerment. Core values that drive this process are Sustainability, Social & Gender Equity and Community Participation: Responses of Gati Infrastructure Limited are context specific, based on the needs and priorities of the local communities.Given the diverse social & economic situation of the communities, the relative importance of the sectors varies across regions and communities. The interventions are based on a combination of the following focal areas:

  • Education
  • Self-managed rural institutions [SHG]
  • Health
  • Livelihood and Food Security
  • Capacity Building [Employees and Local Community]
  • Generation of Awareness
  • Sponsorship Programme

Activities of Gati Infrastructure Limited is concentrated predominantly for the rural people of Nepali, Bhutia & Lepcha community of the project area of Rongli and Pakyong sub-division. Gati Infrastructure Limited aspires to work with local community along with local administration over the coming years, through direct outreach and in collaboration with Schools, Hospitals and other Non-government & Government organization.



GIL has hired accommodation both at Chujachen and Bhasmey Project Areas in 2007 & 2010 respectively & is operating Community Education Centre for the children of Makaibari  Bungling [Rongli Dam Site] for standard 1 to 3 as well as for the children under the age of 6. Special emphasis is given to motivate dropouts to enroll. The children are both of migrant  labour as well as the nearby villagers. One more centre is running in 4th Mile Bhasmey, near Rangpo. There are 40 children, all are from near by villages. The centre have own syllabus. Emphasis is given to learning in joyful environment. There is provision of fresh nutritious food for the children of Village Education Centre, Learning material & School dress for all the children is supplied free of cost by GILAnnual Sports. Childrens’ Day, World Environment Day are celebrated in this village Education Centre every year. Health Check up camp are organized quarterly for these children and medicines are distributed free of cost. Gati Infrastructure Limited operates Adult Education Centre for local men & women of Pam Busty [ Surge Shaft area]. Twenty men & women attend this centre. GIL provide books. Slate, pencil, exercise book etc., Adult Education Programme also running in 4th Mile Bhasmey for benefit of the local people. Better life options for Adolescent Girls is another unique programme running in Rongli market area with 15 girls. This programme has two components :

i] Life Skill Education & ii] Vocational Education.

Objective of this programme is to enable the learner to develop a concept of oneself as a person of worth & dignity. In addition to Life skill Education Wool Knitting as vocational education provided to the learners.


This course was initiated by Gati Infrastructure Limited in Rongli during winter vacation of the school. Total eighty students of Class VIII to Class X were enrolled. The course covered theory on Basics of Computer, Evolution and generation of Computer and Type of Networks. Practical session covered Ms – Word, Ms – Excel, Ms- Power Point, Ms- Paint, Internet Basics, Internet surfing, Emai ID’s creation. On completion of the course, Necessary examination was held and students were given grade certificates depending on their performance.