DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WELFARE Mission of Gati Infrastructure Limited is realized through the programme and process of Mobilisation and Action for Community Empowerment. Core values that drive this process are Sustainability, Social & Gender Equity and Community Participation: Responses of Gati Infrastructure Limited are context specific, based on the needs and priorities of the local communities. Given the diverse social & economic situation of the communities, the relative importance of the sectors varies across regions and communities. The interventions are based on a combination of the following focal areas:

  • Education
  • Self-managed rural institutions [SHG]
  • Health
  • Livelihood and Food Security
  • Capacity Building [Employees and Local Community]
  • Generation of Awareness
  • Sponsorship Programme

Activities of Gati Infrastructure Limited is concentrated predominantly for the rural people of Nepali, Bhutia & Lepcha community of the project area of Rongli and Pakyong sub-division. Gati Infrastructure Limited aspires to work with local community along with local administration over the coming years, through direct outreach and in collaboration with Schools, Hospitals and other Non-government & Government organization.


GIL has hired accommodation both at Chujachen and Bhasmey Project Areas in 2007 & 2010 respectively & is operating Community Education Centre for the children of Makaibari Bungling [Rongli Dam Site] for standard 1 to 3 as well as for the children under the age of 6. Special emphasis is given to motivate dropouts to enroll. The children are both of migrant labour as well as the nearby villagers. One more centre is running in 4th Mile Bhasmey, near Rangpo. There are 40 children, all are from near by villages. The centre have own syllabus. Emphasis is given to learning in joyful environment. There is provision of fresh nutritious food for the children of Village Education Centre, Learning material & School dress for all the children is supplied free of cost by GILAnnual Sports. Childrens’ Day, World Environment Day are celebrated in this village Education Centre every year. Health Check up camp are organized quarterly for these children and medicines are distributed free of cost. Gati Infrastructure Limited operates Adult Education Centre for local men & women of Pam Busty [ Surge Shaft area]. Twenty men & women attend this centre. GIL provide books. Slate, pencil, exercise book etc., Adult Education Programme also running in 4th Mile Bhasmey for benefit of the local people. Better life options for Adolescent Girls is another unique programme running in Rongli market area with 15 girls. This programme has two components :

i] Life Skill Education & ii] Vocational Education.

Objective of this programme is to enable the learner to develop a concept of oneself as a person of worth & dignity. In addition to Life skill Education Wool Knitting as vocational education provided to the learners.


This course was initiated by Gati Infrastructure Limited in Rongli during winter vacation of the school. Total eighty students of Class VIII to Class X were enrolled. The course covered theory on Basics of Computer, Evolution and generation of Computer and Type of Networks. Practical session covered Ms – Word, Ms – Excel, Ms- Power Point, Ms- Paint, Internet Basics, Internet surfing, Emai ID’s creation. On completion of the course, Necessary examination was held and students were given grade certificates depending on their performance.

Self Help Group is a small, vibrant informal organization at grass root level which is economically homogeneous and a affinity group of the poor people ,voluntarily coming together having a common goal for socio economic upliftment.

SHGs Promoted by GIL: No. of SHG Promoted: 44 No. of Members: 445 Gross Savings: Rs. 26,15,698.00 Lending Amount: Rs. 35,56,503.00 Recovery Amount: Rs. 26,54,249.00 Group Corpus: Rs. 18,92,609.00 GRADING OF SHGs BY SRDA: 1st Grading – 28, 2nd Grading – 10.


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The SHGs are expected to start generating income through development of microenterprise after gaining experience and maturity. Gati Infrastructure Limited always encourage & support the group members. The following enterprises have already been developed by SHGs through convergence & through Support from Gati Infrastructure Limited.

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Industry in Rural Scenario: A Case Study of “Deepjyoti SHG” As a part of social welfare activities of Gati Infrastructure Limited, Rongli, East Sikkim. has promoted Self Help Groups in 21 villages of Rongli & Pakyong subdivisions. Gati Infrastructure Limited has been actively involved in community development & women empowerment programme in the project area. The members of the groups are engaged in goat & pig rearing, ginger, potato cultivation, Phenyl making, and in Bakery business, Catering business.

It is regarding the success story of one of such SHG’s of the marginalized women of a small town Rongli, East Sikkim. What makes this a pulsating and palpitating narrative is that majority of them are first generation entrepreneurs, Some driven by aspiration and initiatives to own a business and some others by compelling circumstances to somehow earn their livelyhood. Poverty has not dampened their winning spirit, but the kind of development that is taking place and the kind of leadership that is emerging among them is phenomenal. They have learnt how to earn money with their own labour, have dreams of saving money for future and have developed some conviction to mobilize and utilize material & human resources, in a creative and optimal manner, with a clear focus on building systems, which will ensure sustainability of development processes and products independently of their own.

Seldom does one come across success stories of how poor, semiliterate, village women have proven that they too can become successful entrepreneurs if proper training, guidance, motivation, and some financial support is made available to them. This enterprise run by members of the "DEEPJYOTI’’ Self Help Group which was formed & promoted by Ms.Thinley Ongmu under the guidance of Head-Social Welfare Deptt. of Gati Infrastructure Limited. This Deepjyoti SHG was formed in December 2006 with eleven members who were under poverty line.

Each member of the group having worked with atmost loyalty and dedication had started saving Rs. 30/- each per month right from the beginning stage. Previously the members of this group were engaged in tail cutting of cardamom on piece rate basis, worked as domestic help or as homemakers. The group stand registered under State rural development agency, Government of Sikkim.

And were mantaining a joint saving bank account in central bank of india, rongli. After formation of the group,the members were encouraged to take up a business which would make them self-reliant . Accordingly they chose to start a micro enterprise i.e., Development of bakery unit had a strong market demand.

After the market survay D. J Bakery was started on 22nd August 2008. In order to make their venture sucessful, Gati had sanctioned an interest free loan of INR. 248000.00/- which help them procuring the required machinery, Baking Oven and planetary mixer from m/s Orange food stuff. A mumbai based company at a total cost of INR 2,60,000.00/-, The excess amount of rs. 12,000.00/- was given as grant to the group gati.

The group had taken on hire basis an accommodation in the market area and to enable the bakery to run successfully. Gati infrastructure Limited further incurred an additional expenditure for renovation of work shop and outlet. Conection of 3 phase electronic line etc., with two months of exhausting training to the members imparted by Mr. Mani Kumar Gurung, Owner of mahakali bakery, Kurseong and were deploying a skilled bakker as a trainer. The member could successfully expand the unit by producing number of the bakery items like Snacks, Cakes, Biscuits, Rusk & Bun (paw), Patties, Pastries, etc. Oven fresh bakery products are now available in Rongli which made the dream of local inhabitants, a Reality.

With the sales picking up in the area, members of the group are not only repaying the loan, but are also earning the salary of INR 1,500.00/- per month besides regularly depositing some money in their individual saving bank account. The smiles on the faces of the each members is giving the clear indication of self reliance and contentment

The sucess story of the bakery is further narated as under:

  • In the year 2010 Bakery had a sound sale of Rs. 600000/-
  • The family of each member are now living comfortable
  • Awareness confidance development in the members to become enterpreneurs for micro business
  • Respected job is developed for the members who were merely working as domestic servants and doing low profile jobs. As Shanti Cintury says.

Gati Infrastructure Limited has been taking consistent steps towards creating awareness, curative and preventive health care services through organizing periodic Health Awareness Camp and Monthly Health Check-up Camp. In all the Health Check-Up Camp Medicines are distributed to the patients free of cost. Health Awareness Camp are organized at different location of Rongli Bhasmey for SHG members. Through such camp, awareness is generated on basic health and hygiene and sanitation, regarding reproductive and child health etc. In addition to Medical Officer of Gati infrastructure Limited, Specialist doctors are invited for examining patients. So far 46 Health Check Up camps have been organized in different project site by Gati Infrastructure Limited and 4368 persons have been benefited from this programme.

Creation of sustainable livelihood for the local people of Rongli is prime work of Gati Infrastructure Limited.On the basis of locally available natural resources and need of the people the programme has been designed.



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Capacity building is an essential element of strengthening of any organization and the empowerment of staff. This can mean the development of individual’s knowledge and skill. Social Welfare Department of GIL, Rongli, East Sikkim, got an opportunity to work with some fresh, young, enthusiastic local youth of this area. At the initial stage, Self Help Group formation was started in the project area, so capacity building of the staff members was necessary to start this activity. Group promotion is not the only task, it is essential to nurture those groups by group members with the help of facilitators. Facilitator’s task is to train the members regarding self management of their own group. In the initial stage , a three days training programme was organized on ‘Training of Trainers on SHG Formation & Nurturing’ for the Community Facilitators/ Mobilisers.

For all SHG members, Gati Infrastructure Limited organize 2-days hand holding training on Record Keeping and SHG Concept and Management
Since 2006, training of 25 batches completed for 570 SHG members. Under Capacity Building Programme, a One-day Sensitization Programme was organized for the staff of Social Welfare and Environment Health & Safety department. Incharge of STD clinic, Singtam District Hospital was the main Resource Person.
All staff of Social Welfare Department were sent to Bhoruka Charitable Trust, Rajasthan for getting exposure of large scale Community Welfare activities.


A 10 days Exposure Visit Programe was organized for all the staff of Social Welfare Department of Gati Infrastructure Limited. .

The visit started from Bhorugram, Rajasthan and ended in Delhi. The staff got opportunity to observe large scale community development work done by Bhoruka Charitable Trust, Rajasthan. They observed Rain Water Harvesting Progrmme, Self Help Groups, Anganwadi run by BCT, Programme for adolescent girls, different enterprises un by SHGs, Livelihood programme. Public School run by BCT, Social Forestry Programme, Health Programme .

Generation of awareness mostly among the women is one of the major activity of Social WelfareDepartment of Gati Infrastructure Limited. In the labor camp or in remote areas, Gati Infrastructure Limited undertake regular HID-AIDS camp to create awareness among the women. So far 37 Such camps have been organized in project area.& 1814 have been benefited from this programme. Apart from HIV-AID Camp ,awareness created on Reproductive & Child Health , Legal Rights of Women, Women’s empowerment, Organic Farming & Food Security, Livestock Management in a scientific way through such camps.


Gati Infrastructure Limited sponsoring GVS Football Academy, Pendam, for running their coaching camp and hostel. Jersey, track suits , boot and other accessories for 20 players have given to them. It is a collaborative approach between NGO & Corporate. Gati Infrastructure Limited also sponsoring an orphan girl by giving education in St. Joseph School of Rhenock.


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Since 2006, Gati Infrastructure Limited has spent nearly Rs. 41.00 lakhs forimprovement & development of community infrastructure works at various places in Chujachen Hydropower project region. The detail are as follows:

Social works completed by Gati Infrastructure Ltd. From 19 th Jan 2006 to 16 th Dec 2009 under CHEP Project at Rongli , East Sikkim

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  • Improvement and beautification of land at chujachen school entrance
  • Construction of 2 unit staff toilet and safety tank at Govt. Sr. Secondary School, Chujachen.
  • Construction of 8 No's Male urinals in Govt. Sr. Secondary School, Chujachen.
  • Construction of Police checkpost at Rongli.
  • Construction of foot path to Kerabari village,bearing.
  • Construction of water tank at primary health centre, Rongli
  • Carpeting of approach road Rongli PHC.
  • Construction of 1 Km length of Cement Concrete foot path from Lok dhara to Devi dhara,Chujchen GPURepair & Renovation of Krishna mandir near chujachen GPU.
  • Construction of 300 mtr length of cement concrete foot path leading to lepcha cremationground, Chujache GPU.
  • Construction 2 No's water storage tanks and installation of water supply line for chujachen school.
  • Repair works to existing suspension bridge at bearing for sage crossing of Rangpo river bythe local public
  • Providing fabrication and erection of structural steel roofing for assembly in Govt. JuniorHigh School, Rongli
  • Protection to the church at sungdung by construction of 60 mtr retaining wall.
  • Improvement works to Shiv mandir on chujachen – valve house road..
  • Installation of water supply line at Makaibari.
  • Improvement works buddhist gompa above right side abutment of Rongli Dam.
  • Construction of storage and sedimentation tank at Km 2.7 on chujachen rongli road.
  • Improvement works for Devi sthan near lower gangyep.

1. Employment to Locals:
142 locals are employed directly by the company. The employment has been given as per the consent and instruction of local area MLAs Mr. K.B.Chamling & Mr. Puran Kumar Gurung. Preference of employment is given to the locals of the vicinity. In addition, indirect employment is provided to locals as per para 2 below.

2. Preference to locals for contracts, supply, hiring of houses & vehicles:
Preference has been given to local residents by giving 928 contracts till date, 33 houses taken on rent, 16 vehicles hired for the project, 33 local supplier of sand, 20 local supplier of boulders, 11 local spails supplier, stationaryconsent with the consent of local MLA.

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3. Benefits to Local employees :

  • We are following Sikkim Minimum Wages Act.
  • Bonus is being paid to the employees every year on Dussera festival.
  • Our employees are covered under the Workman Compensation Policy.
  • Apart from Workman Compensation Policy, the employees are covered under
  • Personal Accident Insurance Policy.
  • Maternity leave & other facilities are being extended to the employees
  • Our company is taking utmost care of our employees by providing free treatment,
  • compensation, relief etc.

Registered Office :

Gati Infrastructure Private Limited
1-7-293, M.G. Road,
Secunderabad - 500003,
Telangana, India

040 7120 4348