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Gati Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.- Chuzachen

110 MW Chuzachen Hydro Electric Power Project.
Quick Facts
Location : East District of Sikkim
Stream : Rangpo and Rongli
Vicinity : Chuzachen Village

110 MW Hydro Electric Power Project in Sikkim - First in the private sector in the North East
The 110 MW Hydro Electric Power Plant in Sikkim, commissioned in May 2013 , is India’s first IPP (independent power project) in hydroelectric power sector in the private sector. The project on the Rangpo and Rongli rivers has been commissioned on a Build, Operate, Own and Transfer basis (BOOT) The plant is directly connected to the Central Transmission Utility (National Grid) through a 24 Km dedicated transmission line and will be able to deliver power across the country.

Infrastructure Facilities

  • Road Works :The Company on its own is doing following two Roads
  • Chuzachen to Adit-2 & Rangpo Dam Road (Length – 5 Km)
  • Chuzachen Valve House Road (Length – 3.4 Km)
  • The roads constructed is not only being used for the project but it has benefitted the locals of the vicinity.
  • Roads are being maintained by the company on a continues basis. All types of vehicles are plying on both these Roads and the transportation work is happening in normal course.
  • Explosive Magazines: 2 Nos. of Explosive Magazines - one at Power House and other near Adit-2 having 1.8 M.T. capacity & 10 M.T. capacity respectively have been constructed and licenses have been obtained from Chief Controller of Explosives, Kolkata.
  • Stores Buildings: One store for Cement (250 MT Capacity) and One General Store for storing the equipments and spare parts have been constructed at Rongli Dam site.
  • Weigh bridge : A weight bridge for weighment of incoming/issued quantities of cement, steel etc is operational at Rongli Dam Site.
    Steel Yard, Capacity for storing 1500 MT of steel has been created at site.
  • Township and Offices : Location of township has been planned and identified near the power house site. Presently well established office, fully furnished guest houses and staff accommodations are operational in rented accommodations at Site and Gangtok.
    New office premises have also been taken on lease at Gurgaon (NCR) in well known office complex “Signature Tower”.
  • 11 KV Power line: 11 KV power line for supply of power to all components of the project namely all Adit’s, Diversion Tunnel, Power House, Dams, Valve House and Surge Shaft has been specifically taken by us from Sikkim Government. Sufficient capacity is available in the form of standby Diesel Generating Sets at various locations.

More Details

The Rangpo river is a major tributary of the Teesta river which is the main river of the state of Sikkim.The Chuzachen has two intakes each with a storage reservoir and headrace tunnel each joining together to a common headrace tunnel, an underground surge shaft, a surface penstock and open air powerhouse with two units and an outdoor switchyard.

Rainfall - 250-300 cm p.a

Type : Concrete,Gravity
Dam height : 48 m
Dam Volume : 83,000 m3

Type : Concrete,Gravity
Dam height : 41 m
Dam Volume : 45,200 m3

Headrace Tunnel(Rangpo)
Length : 2598 m
Internal Diameter : 3.55 m

Headrace Tunnel(Rongli)
Length : 2267 m
Internal Diameter : 3.1 m
Common Headrace Tunnel(Chuzachen)
Length : 3225 m
Internal Diameter : 4.6 m

Surge Shaft
Internal Diameter : 12 m
Height : 103.9 m

Surface Penstock
Length : 801.2 m
Internal Diameter : 2.9 m

Power House
Type : Out door
Turbine type : Francis,vertical
Generators : 2 Nos.each 49.5MW