Gati Infrastructure Sada Mangder Power Pvt Ltd

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Gati Infrastructure Sada Mangder Power Pvt Ltd.

Quick Facts
Location : West & South District
Stream : Rangit and Relli
Vicinity : Ravangla

The Sada-Mangder Hydroelecrtic Power Project is located in the West & South District of Sikkim on the river Rangit and Relli. The Rangit river is the second largest river in the Sikkim and a tributary of the Teesta river which is the main river of the state of Sikkim. The Sada-Mangder Hydro Elecrtic power project envisages two peaking power plants with a common underground powerhouse, common tailrace tunnel, common outdoor switchyard comprising two dams each with a storage reservoir and an intake. The upstream water conveyance system of the Sada plant comprises of the headrace tunnel, an underground surge shaft and an inclined pressure shaft, while the Mangder plant consists only of a pressure shaft and a generating unit in the same powerhouse but independent in operation.

Rainfall - 250-300 cm p.a

Type : Gravity
Dam height : 45.9 m
Dam Volume : 37,000 m3

Type : Arch
Dam height : 47.3 m
Dam Volume : 25,500 m3

Headrace Tunnel(Sada)
Length : 3558 m
Internal Diameter : 2.7 m

Surge Shaft(Sada)
Internal Diameter : 12 m
Height : 53.9m

Power House
Type : Underground
Turbine type : Francis,vertical