Gati Infrastructure Group focuses on building three Run-of-the River Hydro Electric projects in various parts of East and West Sikkim.
Run-of-the-river projects are built in those areas of the river where the flow rate and elevation drops of the water are consistent enough to build a Hydroelectric plant directly on the river. The water passes through the plant without greatly changing the flow rate of the river. In many instances a dam is not required, and therefore the Hydroelectric plant causes minimal environmental impact on its surroundings.
Coal Power
Delta Eagle, a division of Gati, operates in Indonesia. This uses coal mines to generate Coal Power and the production has begun in April 2010.
Solar Power
Solar Power Project was commissioned on March 7, 2012 with the capacity of 1MW initially. This comes in line with Gati’s commitment to create sustainable and renewable energy.
The three hydroelectric projects by Gati are situated in the following areas: